Monday, October 10, 2011

Losing Days

So... I've only got two more days to get everything ready for the movers. They come on Thurs to pack and load everything. The timing is so tight between the house cleaners and carpet cleaners that I'm having to pack up as much as I can to help the movers along. They were going to pack everything and load everything for us, but it will cut out a lot of time if I can get as much packed up as possible. Plus, it will save the company some money as well.

I had made some good progress last couple of weeks with going through our rooms and garages. Then last week, cleaned out the attic, more sifting out things in the garage. Finished packing up Josh's room. Jordan's room is done. She did hers over a week ago and she is good to go. The last I need to do is pack up my bedroom, closet, kitchen, linen closet, and bathrooms and extra closet in bathroom. The bathrooms will be easy...not much there.

In the midst of this move, I started getting sick last week. I noticed some shortness of breath, headache, fatique. Over the weekend it turned into walking pneumonia. Yesterday I honestly thought about calling 911. Jordan said my face was turning bright red because I could not breath in, felt like I was suffocating. I'd say night before last, thru yesterday were my worst with the wheezing and difficulty breathing, fever and headache.

I got into a clinic today and they prescribed some heavy duty meds. My blood pressure was up too. Hope the meds will knock this out because I only have a few more days here to get things done!

I'm so sad that I was unable to attend church yesterday. We have a guest speaker here, and I was looking forward to hearing this man. He will be speaking tonight as well, but Dr.'s orders are for me to stay in bed one more day (at least) and rest, or I could end up in the hospital. Both of my children are also son is much worse. They both have appointments today at 1:30.

I'm so tired! Hope I can make the so weak. I'll have to make it through their appointments before I can rest. Between this sickness, I've not been able to work on packing the house for 3 days now....which puts me under pressure to get everything done in less days.

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