Friday, October 28, 2011

God Never Disappoints

We have been through some difficult seasons in the past 7-8 yrs, and especially the past 9 mons. A lot of hard things, and some things that came back on us again.

I'm so very thankful for people God brought into our path (they know who they are), to love us and guide us through, and sharpen us. All of them know who they are from Williamston, to Winterville to Greenville, to Washington. Who worked with God and us, either by prayer or directly, to complete the work God was doing, which began before we ever moved to eastern NC. So many hard lessons I have personally learned...the hard way, and still learning some lessons too. Guess that is what it means to be transformed!

Here in the new location we are living in, I can't explain it, but there is such a sense of kindness, receiving, and giving. The overall atmosphere of the town is so inviting, AND the church we are visiting is too. That is, when I got through the difficulty of moving away, and opened my spiritual eyes and ears, to see and hear what was going on around me.

The FIRST time we visited this church was last Sunday. We felt like they truly and sincerely RECEIVED us right away. So KIND, encouraging, considerate, attentive....they remember when we tell them something. From Sunday to today, one of the leaders was thoughtful in asking us about those things we shared. They are making sure we have what we need here in the city. It is the most unusual feeling except to say, God is definitely doing something HERE. He definitely led us by his grace and love, to this place.

The children went to this church today to serve dinner to the local high school football team. They had such a great time with the youth leaders and young people. I mean, they only met these people Wed., and when we picked DD and DS up, they were full of joy and smiles. Excited to tell us all about it. It is good to see the joy coming forth.

People so received them/us overwhelmingly! It is neat to be in such a new place and experience this so SOON. I mean not just very friendly, Like OVERLY niceness......I've never seen anything like it really! This is how outrageous it is! It isn't just ONE or a few, but it is the atmosphere of the church as a whole, and like I said...the city as well.

Our church in eastern NC is so amazing and warm and loving. We know we can't look for a place to compare to what we had there, but this church is very....well....NICE. I mean, with any church it usually takes a little time to get to know people. With these people, it seems like we have known them already. Like a sister church.

Even with all of this showering of love on us, we are going to PRAY and take it slow. Yet, it is wonderful how we are 'fitting' there as if we went from one family, right to the next part of the same family...already knowing each other. It is 'familiar', and much like our eastern NC church in many ways. Isn't that the way it should be in the family of God?

I love how time means absolutely nothing to God! In a blink, He can heal, redeem, restore, bring QUICK recompense. I'm very thankful. Not sure all God has in store for us here, or for how long, but I've seen enough this week to get my attention; things are going effortlessly upward! It is like a pouring out on our family that cannot be stopped. It isn't only of 'things' or 'financial' gain, it is blessings, kindness, favor from God and favor from man. Like I said, something like we have never experienced before. So I want to encourage people with the same encouragement OTHERS have comforted me with....

Hold on to Jesus, HE never disappoints. People disappoint, but God never does. Jesus is the same, Yesterday, Today and Forever. Good things come to those who WAIT PATIENTLY on HIM. The old me would be saying, "Ok, when is the bottom going to drop out?" The new me is remaining expectant, and DRINKING IT ALL IN! So thankful for His mercy and grace.

DH is doing great with his new job...he LOVES it! He has been training with a chaplain from a nearby city who has been PRECIOUS! I got to meet him today, and he is the kind of person you just like immediately. He and DH get along SO WELL! They have had the BEST TIME while he has been in orientation with this chaplain. He has been like a father to my husband, and has taken him places everywhere, and 'showing him the ropes' and all of the BEST spots around here. He has been so uplifting and encouraging...they sing together, and laugh together. Everyday I hear new stories of his awesome day. YEAH!

When I first arrived, my attitude was not good at all. It was so hard to leave and move again for me. Then, God got a hold of me, and I pressed into Him. Through His word He began to show me a different view. I'm keeping my eyes focused on HIS view!

I've had the creative juices flowing this week! Creatively, I've been inspired to draw and paint. I pulled out my keyboard today and hooked it up.

Here is a song that I sang yrs ago with a friend back in Western NC. I would love to learn it on piano, but cannot find the original chord sheet for this range. If anyone can hear the key here, and let me know the chord progression of it, please email me at: or FB message me if you are in my contacts there. I'd like to learn it to worship with here.

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