Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Great Start; Beautiful Essays

This morning I pushed through some physical pain to attend a morning worship and prayer time downtown. It is our area "IHOP" experience so to speak. :)

For weeks I've been trying to get there, but with everything we've had going on...and my physical challenges...I've not made this for weeks!! Or, I've made some excuse without even realizing it.

When I walked through the doors, I was greeted by a beautiful sister in Christ, who met me halfway from her spot! It reminded me of the song "When God Ran". How when we move toward God, He moves twice as fast to get to us. So precious how God works through others to demonstrate His love and compassion!

Do you ever have those moments with brothers and sisters in the Lord...where you really didn't have to say a word, because the Holy Spirit already paved the way? That is what this morning was all about. Not only that, but she took time to sit and share...give and take sharing of the things of God, and how He is working things out in each of our lives. She had a word of scripture that was not only for her, but also for me as well.

God is so amazing! He confirmed many things He was already speaking to my heart weeks prior!!

The still quiet of soaking with the Lord, then followed with amazing worship time was just tremendous! Soaking worship that brings such sweet peace and causes every other care and concern (or agenda) to pale. To be with full attention on the Lord and the things of the refreshing! So often in my life I've kept too much of my thoughts on situations and people. God is doing a new work in me. He is changing me, and no matter what it takes I pray that He is my everything!

At home I have quiet time alone, but there is something so special about being a room joined with other believers who are unified with like purpose. Who are seeking God with all that is in them! This is where I want to be completely enveloped in the things of God!

David and the children were not able to join me this morning this time, but I hope they will be coming with me the next!

After this wonderful time with the Lord, David the children and I met up together. We then drove together to attend our daughter's last Elegant Essay Writing class. I'm so glad David was able to make it! It was a class of about 12 homeschooling students. This was their final essay, of which they read out loud for the teacher, class and parents.

Our girl wrote about her GaGa. She told some funny stories concerning him, and how he enjoyed making others laugh. (the adults chuckled, but some of the younger ones didn't quite get some of the stories. haha) She received an A, and we are so proud of her!

Here she reading the essay. Her teacher is the lady on the far right in the orange shirt. She was grading them as they spoke:

Our daughter's was a more humorous essay. However, some of the other speeches were so touching and brought tears! They enjoyed having a pizza party together with some great fellowship. We enjoyed seeing and hearing what they learned and how they progressed throughout the past several weeks. Great job guys and gals!

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