Monday, May 24, 2010

For the Love Workshop

There is this amazing workshop for christian photographers called, "For the Love"!

I would LOVE to attend this workshop, because, well, Ginny Corbett is AWESOME!!! Haha..j/k j/k...

Seriously...well, she is awesome, but anywhooooooooo....

God has called me to two things that I know of in this life (other than being a wife, mother, and homeschooling mom) lead worship in song, and to do photography.

The reason I am interested in the "For the Love" workshop is because it is the best of both worlds! Women from all over have an opportunity to attend this awesome time of soaking in worship with the Lord and with other ladies who love photography. Those blessed attenders will also be learning photography skills from some of the best of the best photographers!!! Who wouldn't want to do this???????? Well, I know I would!!!

I'm praying for God to make a way. There is a chance to win a spot, and I'm hoping to win this spot! Next, I'll be praying for a way financially to cover the airfare, and for childcare. Those are two things that God can make a way for! He is God, and can do anything!!! :D

Part of entering the chance to win, is to write this blog stating why I want to attend. Here are the reasons:

- To worship God with everything in me!
- To learn and grow in my artistic abilities, talents and spiritual giftings
- To have a much needed BREAK/time of rest and relaxation time with other artists and believers in Christ!
- To learn all I can so I can use it for God's glory!
- To be brave enough to travel on my own. ;)

That's a WRAP! :) But wait....Click the following to learn more about it: For The Love Workshop for yourself!

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Anne B. said...

Good luck, girl! I hope you get it!