Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Moving Again; Welcome to the Family!

So, we are getting geared up to pack for another move. :P

Even though it is in the same city, we still have to go through the motions of packing, breaking down furniture, and moving everything and setting up/unpacking again. Blah! I'm dreading it because the last move threw me into a flare for a few weeks; couldn't walk for a few days, had migraines from dealing with the pain. (No, this is not soreness from manual labor people...take your worst flu and multiply it by at least 10, and then keep it there for a few weeks...this is what it is like for a fibro flare. It is not just sore muscles. There is a huge difference ;)

Oh well, such as life, and can't complain because others do have far worse conditions they are dealing with! :) This too shall pass!!

Our family has been fighting some sort of flu/viral thing. Bubb had a high fever for a few days, body aches, nausea, headache, congestion. He still has congestion and sneezing now as I type this he is sneezing. However, he is doing so much better! YAY!

J; she has nausea, body aches, and milder form fever. They both had an occasional deep cough that would rear it's head at night. I've been giving them alkaselzer Cough and Cold gel tabs and Tylenol for fever.

I've had nausea, body aches, and fatigue. Of course, these are also fibro symptoms, so I never know if it is a virus or just typical symptoms of the syndrome.

Husband had it last week, and he is still coughing, but much much better overall.

Either way, I'm ready for us to all be WELL!!! Completely well again!!!! Especially since Oct and Nov are extremely busy months for us!

We are thankful for our church family! Many of our church friends have already told us to let them know of the move date, and they will help us move! So thankful!!!

When we moved here to this area last yr, husband and I had moved the majority ourselves. Then, the Pastor of (our now church...and another gentleman along with him), came to our rescue to move the heaviest pieces of furniture! Wow!!! What a God-send they were!!! Do you remember how heavy that armoire is Pastor??? lol. ;)

Speaking of church, our little family members are now all "PARTners". :) Such a good feeling to KNOW that we are going to be somewhere for we can dig our heels in, connect with the folks, and the community.

These past few yrs I've been feeling like we've been living a gypsy life of being on the move! lol. (guess that is ministry for some folks, right??? Going where God leads :)

Through it all, God has taught us so much. He continues to teach us about His love for us, and our purpose. We are thankful for a Pastor and his sweet wife, family, our small group, and church family who are REAL; who apply God's word to TODAY. We can be ourselves, and they love us right where we are at, and guide us/point us to truth WITHOUT compromise. Yet does so in love, and without a condemning spirit. Our Pastor presents the truth, and allows the Holy Spirit to do His work...

The Holy Spirit through the word of God confronts, convicts, and guides us in all truth to keep us on the right track. The conviction isn't mean for us to feel sorrow unto death (except to die to our fleshly desires and agendas), but it is meant to bring sorrow unto repent/turn away from our sin, and draw nearer to God. :) He loves us that much.

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