Tuesday, September 15, 2009

9 Mon Post Op for Our Girl!

J had her 9 mon. post op check up today. The Scoliosis surgeon is very pleased with her progress. The only slight concern is her cervical spine is relaxing forward. Right now they will not do anything about this... not until it becomes an issue of pain for her.

She has been released to do normal activities (but not wide open at them) He wants her to continue to gradually build up to normal activity. :)

Here are J's actual X-rays from today's appointment:
Lateral View: (Yep, all of those screws and hardware are in our little girl!!)

Posterior View:
Nice straight spine and hips are so much straighter! I'm going to try to snap some before shots of the X-Rays next time I get by the office. They do not have a system where they can email the images to me. I have to take my camera, and snap them when they are put up on the wall.

I was so caught up in the report from the Dr (questions and answers, etc), I totally forgot about getting the before shots of her X-Rays...duh! lol. However, the office is not far away, so I'll get by there another day to see if the X-Ray tech will put them up for me again (on a less busy day-they were quite busy today!!).


Teena said...

I am so happy that you got good news from the post op....Jordan is a special little girl (well, she's not so little any more =o) ..... I miss her and the rest of the family a lot! I wish you all the best!

Jenn said...

Thank you Teena! :)

How's your photography going?

Cessie said...

Wow! That's crazy that she's living with all that "stuff" in there! So glad that the surgery is doing what it was supposed to!

Jenn said...

IK Cessie! It really blows my mind!

Right after surgery, she noticed the equipment sliding and moving inside her. Now she said it does not bother her much at all. I'm so thankful!!