Thursday, November 3, 2011

Thankful Thursday - Week in View

Today I am thankful that my husband has a job, when so many are out of a job and not been able to find employment. We are very blessed that he was able to find a position, doing what he loves and feels 'called' by God to do, after four months of being unemployed. God has blessed us with a nice place to live, and the main thing......we have each other!

Tuesday we met DH for lunch at the hospital he will serve in at times. It is an amazing hospital...not large, but NICE. The inside of it had a waterfountain that resembles a waterfall. There was a black grande piano across from the fountain, that was up on a platform. Dr's and Nurses play it at random times...during breaks/ lunch hour.

The stairway down to the cafeteria was wide, gradually curved around, and it was made with smooth stones. So beautiful! The walls and part of the ceiling were all glass in the cafeteria area, and it was so sunny and bright!

Being in a hospital usually does not cheer me up, but being in this one was quite cheery.

After we had lunch with DH, the children and I we went to his office and met his supervisors and co-workers. Most of them are pastor's wives...very interesting.

DH has a nice office...first time he has ever had his 'own' office. Usually he would have to share a space, or he worked out of his home.

On Sat., I'm going help him decorate his office, hang books in his beautiful bookcase. There are some certificates we still need to frame to hang in his office. His recent ordination, his certifications he received with hospice. I'm going to look into this. There is a Michael's nearby, and I'm pretty sure they do framing there. I'd like them to match what he already has framed (as much as possible).

I've had a good week, and gotten a lot accomplished. Not as many sad moments (although had one good crying spell early this morning).

Yesterday I hung paintings and portraits...'eye-balled' them....cleaned and organized the first floor of our 3 floors. Cleaned out and found homes for things. Still need to finish the armoire. Somewhere along the way, I've lost some pegs for the top shelving. Need to find those before I can finish organizing it. Anyway, made a lot of progress there in the living room and kitchen. I had unpacked, but not really gotten stuff organized or 'homes' for some of it. Main thing, there were paintings and portraits stacked down there, and glad to have most of those hung now!

I'm starting at the bottom and working my way up. The second floor is 'another story'. I still have a floor full of books, artwork, and music in the upstairs den. The floor is covered..........these piles I want to conquer, and will be able to find homes for a good bit of these items. Will need more shelving for the books and artwork. I'm going to get one more tall walnut bookcase. Then one tall white one for the sunroom/art studio. It will take some time as we are still playing catch up.

Last night when DH drove DD and DS to youth group, I while sitting in the passenger seat, admired how beautiful the sky was....took some photos of that. God is the master artist:

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