Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Today is the Day!

My husband woke up early this morning! He has been on the computer searching for housing. There has been another home posted since yesterday, but it is not in the city I hope we can live in. He still wants to look at it because it is in between the city his office will be, and the city I had hope we can live in. I'm thinking the whole deciding factor is how the children will react. They have always been a huge 'gauge' to every decision like this that we have made about housing. We know if their 'seal' of approval is on it, then we are in the right spot.

Today we have appointments to see two townhouses. These are actually places that our daughter found online. When husband called about them, they told us that they do not allow undergrad students only upper grad and mostly medical students. One of the places even allows us free access to the local aquatic center. The aquatic center in the city I'd like to live in is REALLY NICE! AND they allow pets. :) Josh has been wanting a dog SO BAD! (and I have too ;)

Husband seems to believe today is the day. He even believes this so strongly that he wants to check out of our hotel, and pack up to head back east after we secure everything here. I guess I'll just grab on to that, and we'll see where God takes this day. He said the worst thing that could happen is that we'd have to check back in. However, if we pack up the car, I really don't want to unpack it again until we are back home.

Yesterday did not hold any promise of a home for us here, but hoping that today is the day! Our church and Pastors are praying for are lots of friends. We are having faith that the right place will come at just the right time. We'll see what God does!

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