Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kitchen Fresh-y

I've learned a new thing from my friend Lindsay.

Lindsay keeps her home so neat and clean. One thing she does; keeps one of her kitchen sinks about half full of water, cleaning solution and a rag. Anytime there is a spill, such as after breakfast, lunch or dinner, she can quickly wipe it clean. The cleaning solution keeps the kitchen smelling fresh as well. :)

The solution she uses is Pine Sol and water.

I'm basically using the home made cleaner that Dr Oz recommends for "chemical free" cleaning, but I increase the amounts because I'm using more water. (I really sort of eyeball it. lol). Here are the basic ingredients. These proportions below are for using in a spray bottle for household cleaning:

Mix together
1 tbsp of Borax powder (find it in the laundry aisle of your supermarket)
3 tbsps of white vinegar
2 cups of water
1 tablespoon of dish soap (I use a nicely scented dish soap like lavender, or Dr Bonner's pure castle liquid peppermint soap, that way I don't have to get the next ingredient!)
1 drop of essential oil such as peppermint for fragrance (optional)

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