Friday, October 1, 2010

13 Year Old Child Who was Bullied, Commits Suicide

This is exactly how it is. The bully creates a "pack" animals...I'd say wolves attacking the weaker prey. We've seen it first hand!

Our children have been victims of bullying, especially our son. It is the most horrible feeling when people won't listen and things escalate.

It has take almost two years for our children to heal from it. We have forgiven and we love.

However, people do not realize how much their words and expressions (and their exclusion of others) cut into the soul of a child.
Instead of putting down and degrading others, lets build one another up! ESPECIALLY our children!!!

Every child is different, and we should never compare one child to another. Let's love and accept one another, even with our differences! Be kind, because we never know the struggles that a child is dealing with!

Asher can't speak for himself anymore. When he could speak, no one listened at the school... to him or his parents cries for help. What a shame that it takes a child being pushed down stairs, and a bullet to the head, before someone will listen!!! This breaks my heart...

Click Here to Read the Story of Asher


Drea said...

so sad :(
I cringe when i hear stories like this... kids can be so cruel!!
Some of my hardest times were those high school and middle school years... i remember feeling so low because of what other kids said or did. and I wasnt picked up nearly as much as my brother! my brother was called so many horrible names... :( it was awful...

Jenn said... stays with you Drea. It has for me even in adulthood. However, with Christ, I've learned who I am and that those things don't have to effect me. It was the same with me and my brother as well. I wonder why some make it their quest to call ppl names and be so cruel.