Sunday, March 28, 2010

Photo Catch up and Musical Things

So this past week I've been working hard to "clean out" my computer files. In doing so I realized that I had put a lot of my own person edits on the back burner, in order to keep up with my workflow. Actually my workflow has needed help as well!! I'm feeling like I'm getting a handle on things now.

Photography is a beautiful thing, however, until someone does the creative editing...they won't know at all what a photographer goes through. I sure didn't!! It requires a LOT of time. Now that I have established better workflow (and computer memory that can handle photoshop better) I'm getting better organized.

Last few nights I've worked hard and late into the early AM to get caught up on some of my own personal edits, as well as edits I've done for close friends. In doing so I came across a photo from months back.

This one below is where I practiced (one time lol) a technique called "reverse lens macro" or "poor man's macro". Which means...taking your lens, and turning it backwards...handholding it to your camera backwards to achieve a macro effect. There are also lens mounts you can is threaded so you can connect your lens backwards. It's a pretty neat thing, but if you do not have the lens mount it is quite tricky to focus. (quite frustrating too HAHA) But in a pinch for say a macro ring shot at a wedding, or snowflake on a's neat to do.

Here's my first attempt:

My subject was real patient (sleeping) but I wasn't. lol. I think I'll spend the few bucks to invest in the reverse mount ring before I fool with it much more.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well, for our son's birthday he received a "classical" guitar. Not just any guitar, but a very special guitar that used to be his grandfathers...he was affectionately called by his grandchildren, "GaGa". Our boy is graciously allowing his sis to learn on it as well. She's been taking piano for about a yr, but has always had a love of the strings; Violin and guitar.

She took electric guitar for about 6 mons a few yrs back, but we had to cancel lessons while husband did a chaplain residency. Also, electric guitar strings have nickel in them, which she is allergic to. Metals cause her to break out all over with skin rashes and itches.

The classical guitar on the other hand, has 3 nylon strings. You can even get ALL nylon strings and it will still have nice sound.

Right now she is doing alright with using the guitar we have (which has 3 nylon strings and 3 steel strings), because she is only practicing 5 mins at a time. In the beginning of learning guitar, you have to do a lot of 5 min practicing to build up those calluses on the fingertips. When she begins practicing more, we may need to purchase her a very inexpensive all nylon string guitar (they have them on ebay for like $35). Since she's had some guitar training, she is picking it up very quickly! She also has nice long fingers that are GREAT for playing instruments.

They're both even showing me a thing or two on guitar!!

We have a wonderful guitar instructor who is a christian and worship pastor here in the city where we reside. :) I'm staying focused with learning piano, and have a beautiful christian woman piano instructor. God is good!

Here is a photo of our girl practicing on guitar.


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