Monday, March 15, 2010

Hurt People, Hurt People

I've been thinking a lot about sermons my pastor preached back home. Oh how we miss him!!! He's an amazing man of God, not perfect, but loves the Lord. He does his best to encourage.

One thing he shared that was so profound to me, and that I've found to be so true in my own life is:
"Hurt People, Hurt People"!

I've tried to do my best to remember this phrase over the years. There have been so many times in my life that I've hurt people or people have hurt me. Sometimes it was intentional or a reaction out of hurt, sometimes it wasn't intentional at all, however often times was "born" out of hurt.

A wise friend said recently on her Facebook that we must deal with our past, so it won't effect our future. I've shared this kind of statement in the past as well...but wasn't really "living it" myself.

In past weeks I've been asking God to rid me of my painful past. To show me the areas I need to allow Him to touch with his healing touch.

Also, I always keep in mind....when I hurt someone or someone hurts me, to remember that it isn't always about me. It is most often times coming out due to some pretty painful stuff in the heart.

So, instead of reacting, I pull back, sort of lick my wounds, and pray for them and for me. I remember that actions toward me are not about me, but about the pain in their heart coming off. Same with me, I've got to examine my heart when I hurt people.

"Hurt People, Hurt People". So remember this, and try to look past "the masks" of pain then next time you are wounded by someone else. :)

I'm doing a Beth Moore Bible study called, "The Inheritance"! It is such a wonderful Bible Study and God is revealing more of His heart to me through the scriptures she is sharing through it. Such a great group of women who are willing to be open and real.

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