Sunday, July 25, 2010

This Brought Tears...

I don't usually blog twice in one day. This brought tears and thought I would share...

Out of all the blogs on my "blog-roll", this is the one I frequent most. It is called, "Holy Experience" and it is beautiful! I learned about it through a friend named Kelly, and it has been such a blessing/inspiration to me.

This particular blogpost for some reason just really got to me. Guess because I remember growing up in the country. My father was a citrus grower, and one thing that I loved was being outside; Smelling the scent of the orange blossoms, and running free. I remember my grandfather, who was also a citrus grower, he actually taught me how to drive a car in the groves (his International Scout vehicle). I would ride with him to check on the citrus, and was pretty much his little sidekick.

Such fond memories of my grandparents and I miss them so much!

Hope you enjoy this blog post: Click Here for Holy Experience by Ann Voskamp

To truly appreciate the beauty of the earth brings such sweetness to life!

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3 for Me! said...

I love Ann's posts. She's an amazing writer and her heart and challenges are such a blessing to me! Glad you have enjoyed her as well:)