Monday, July 19, 2010

I Can't Believe It, 19 Years!

Wow...we are moving toward the Silver Anni!

I'm posting this today, because we are actually celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary tonight. The actually day is tomorrow though. But WHOA, as I type this, I can hardly believe it!!!

Tomorrow we will have been married 19 yrs. Wow, I realized so recently how our nieces and nephew were getting so grown up!!! No to mention our own children as well!

Our oldest niece Kathryn was only about 6 weeks old when we were married in Lakeland, FL at Victory Church!

God has done such amazing things at Victory Church. It has grown by leaps and bounds since we were members there!!! We moved to NC not too many months after we were married. The building we were married in (which was their main sanctuary at the time), is now the youth and children's building. They've also built an actual wedding chapel since we were there.

It is so great to see how God has increased their territory. We miss the Blackburn family so much, and the Jasso family as well. The really neat thing...the pastor who was my youth pastor at a different church (and who did the communion part of our ceremony), is now the associate pastor at Victory Church. So, when we go home to visit Victory, we get to see all of these special people at one time!

Wedding photography has come a long way since this photo was taken. :)

Our life has been a journey of healing, joy, sorry, pain, and most of all love...the love of God working on our lives. With God, we have certainly lived out: to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, to love and to cherish, in sadness and in joy...and I pray we will have many many MANY more years together before we get to the final chapter here on this earth. He makes life on this earth so sweet and special.

I love you my handsome Rev. Poohbear!!!


Carry said...

Sweet Couple! You both are looking Awesome! Anyways, Nice Flashback!!

Jenn said...

Thank you.

Megan said...

Congratulation, on your 19th anniversary your so lucky to married that handsome man. Good luck to both of you and thank you for sharing your thoughts.I'm looking forward to read more about your blog post.

Pamela said...

You looks so happy having each other. Congratulations! Hope you have good life forever. Great share!

Jenn said...

Thank you Megan and Pamela. :) Glad you visited my blog.