Sunday, April 11, 2010

Slip Slidin' Away... will not believe what just happened to me at the grocery store!! HAHA

This weekend we have stayed in and rested. Our daughter is sick with sinus crud, and I have chest crud and wheezing. So, daughter has a hankering for ice cream b/c her throat is sore. Keep in mind, I had not been up long from an afternoon nap....

I put on my shorts, shirt, flip-flops, and drive to the grocery store. After selecting my cart; I am heading to the wipe-y things to wipe down the cart; I feel something is sliding down the back of my thigh. I look, and it is little portion of something black (I had on dark brown shorts). Not knowing exactly what it was, I tried to tuck it back up into the shorts pant leg. I am heading across the floor...with the cashiers doing their whole... "Welcome to _______blahblah" spiel.. the usual "yell to greet" customers.... It happens....

All of the sudden, the black thingy slides down the back of my leg...slip slidin' away...and drops onto the floor. I look down, and low and behold it is a pair of black underwear that got stuck up inside of my shorts (must have been from dryer static)

Anyway, in one panicked swift swoop....I gather up the black "undergarment" and shove it into my purse. All the while HOPING that I won't get "busted" by the camera's, and mgmt thinking that I've shoplifted something!!! How embarrassing would THAT be!!! To be escorted to the back office, questioned... with me saying, " was just my underwear officer". :o

Out of my peripheral, I noticed that a few cashiers and those in line were looking right at me.

Ugh, how embarrassing!!! Yet, kinda FUNNY too!! I push onward and into the first isle...ducking into the fruits and veggies. HAHA

Oddly, while I was checking out, the young dude at the register was EXTREMELY kind and overly friendly to me. Hmmmmm....wonder if he saw...I hope not!! lol

Only something like this could happen to ME!!


Laci Strickland said...

LOL! Love this!! That happened one time to me in high school..thankfully, I felt it coming down my leg and ducted into the bathroom to see what in the world it was. Yep, underwear!! I shoved it in my backpack and went on with my day! Sooo funny!!!

Jenn said...

heehee Laci. Well, the bathrooms were all the way in the back of the store. Just my luck! ;)