Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Letting Go-I Will Waste My Life

I've recently come to the realization that sometimes we must let go of things and people we hold in too much high esteem, in order to move forward. This can include family and friends, things that occupy our time, or even material things. We have to be willing to truly let go.

Not that those people won't always hold a special place in our hearts, or those things we do, but I'm talking more of how we hold them in such high esteem...and trying to please them, be accepted by them, and going overboard toward insanity to try to meet their expectations. Too much energy is wasted on the worry over it, when that energy could be focused on the things of God...pleasing HIM.

Our lives have to be about meeting God's expectations FIRST, and pursuing His perfect will for our lives without our compromise OR our subtle manipulation to try to get "our way".

When God is our first priority, we will receive less disappointments and more peace and joy.

Bible verses that we've always quoted without batting and eye such as Matt 6:33 or Romans 8:28 (which are two of my favorites)...become REALITY in these crossroads of life. Or in time of rejection, uncertainty and aloneness. One can be in a home full of family, and still feel very alone.

If we truly put God first above every other care and concern, we don't get caught up in the need for approval or acceptance. God accepts us as we are and gently moves us in the direction He has for us.

I don't know I've just noticed lately that many things, and even people are being stripped away. It could be by their doing (life just gets busy and takes us in different directions) or even by my own huge screw ups, however either way it is ultimately God's doing. He uses ALL things to bring us closer to Him, and the plans He has for our lives is far greater than even our mistakes or shortcomings. I'm not saying they won't ever be brought back into our lives at some point, but for now it is for the best. I'm not going to sit around wasting large amounts of energy on trying to figure it out either.

I'm so glad to have a loving, merciful God in my life. People generally are not quick to forgive, merciful or loving when others screw up. Or when people are different than they want them to be. There are even some people out there who basically cut off others if they don't do what they think is normal or proper behavior, or if they mess up and say things born out of much hurt. They refuse to see the truth of their part in it, or don't even attempt to see through the painful mask. Yet, they expect quick forgiveness and acceptance when they do. Oh yeah, I've been the giver and receiver of these kinds of treatment! Don't think you haven't at some time or another. ;) We all sin and we are all capable of being mean and ruthless.

Not Jesus though, He still loves us no matter how ugly we are, and His grace, mercy and patience with us is so amazing. I can't say that I have much patience toward others either, but He is definitely working on me in this area!

Through being stripped of some relationships with people, it amazes me how God gives back even more meaningful ones. Those who are new, or have been there all along, loving, supporting, and praying for us behind the scenes. Those who do this without needing a pat on the back or expecting one single thing in return! They are just loyal, faithful friends who love Jesus better than they love anything or anyone. They know that we appreciate them because we don't have to write a special note of thanks, it is understood because they know our hearts.

Letting go doesn't mean we will fall away forever (although in some cases that could be necessary). If we are all christians...like it or not, we will all be in heaven together one day. Would be nice if we could learn to truly love one another even through the shortcomings while on this earth.

It is just a matter of keeping things in better perspective. Which is, to fully trust God alone, where before we may have put more trust in man or even ourselves. And haven't we all at times???

God will have no other god's or idols above Him. Which means...if we have idols in our lives, He will remove them...because He loves us that much! We have to release into God's hands.

Today, on from here out, I ask myself, where am I wasting the energy of my thoughts? Am I wasting them for Jesus (which is the BEST way to waste time and thoughts) or am I wasting them on things that only bring more pain and hurt...and lead me astray from the things of God. Where am I wasting my life?

Jesus said that our mother and brothers are those who pursue HIM above all else. The Bible says this

Mark 3:32-35 (New International Version)

32A crowd was sitting around him, and they told him, "Your mother and brothers are outside looking for you."

33"Who are my mother and my brothers?" he asked.

34Then he looked at those seated in a circle around him and said, "Here are my mother and my brothers!

35Whoever does God's will is my brother and sister and mother."

It isn't God's will according to what others think for you. It is God's will according to His work us, and what the Holy Spirit is speaking to us (through the Holy Bible) to do.

God, I Will Waste My Life for You!

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