Thursday, July 10, 2008

While the neighbors are away, this kids will play!

Our children are keeping our neighbor's cats, and in return are able to swim in their pool. : ) That is a great tradeoff! We got out there for about an hour or so today. It was really humid out though!

The kids and I have been talking a lot about how to handle hurtful comments. There have been some boys in our neighborhood who have called Josh names and made fun of his body( Jordan too actually-thankfully she didn't hear it because she was on a golf cart with her girlfriends....these things were said to Josh and he asked the boys to stop. When they wouldn't, he asked them to leave)...

Anyway, these boy said to Josh that his breasts were too big to be a boys. : ( I just told Josh that he is blessed because when he is old enough to do weight lifting, he will have a lot of chest muscle that will build up then! We talked about how Jesus would handle persecution and name calling, and while we are not Jesus, we can certainly learn to be like Him.

It is a hard thing for kids to be made fun of, it hurts them deeper than other kids know. And I just hurt with them! Then remind them to always remember how it makes them feel when others tear them down, because we never want to be the one to do that to someone else. I also share how they can be like Christ and show a better way by being their friend, even when they are not always so nice. That is a hard one too. We pray about it, and he has learned to see when it is getting to hard, to walk away. He backs off from spending too much time. But I do believe that the only way we can be affective in sharing Christ, is to go to a lost and dying people...only after we are prayed up and able to allow those fiery darts to bounce off of us! With them being so young, it is a delicate process to train them and keep them from being too hurt at the same time. I'm continually reminding them of who they are in Christ, and that what people say about us does not define who we are. : )

So, back to the swimming. It started out fun for them. Then Josh got on Jordan's nerves with all of his boy energy. Then I had to do the mommy thing of saying, "If you guys can't have a good time together, then we'll have to try to swim another time. Of course, that sobered them up because they did not want to have to get out of the water so soon. In the midst of their fussing, our sweet neighbor lady came out to hang clothes. So I went over to help her, and we had a nice talk, until the fussing got to a dull roar...that is when I had to regulate and give them the above mommy line! hehe. They did begin to settle down and have fun.

Someone asked me recently if they really do get along together. Yes, they do for the most part. Occasionally they get on each other's nerves and need a time out. BUT they are with each other much more than most sibblings since we are homeschooling. So I try to keep that in mind and help them each with making time away from each other from time to time. That way they appreciate being together much more. =)

Here are some pics from their swimming today. I've decided that at some point I need an upgraded camera OR a better lens for the one I have! This one is just not getting the detail I would like. Well, I'll have to add pics later. For some reason the blogger pic uploader is getting stuck. : )

The neighbor's Cat - His name is Slap...isn't that funny??? hehe

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