Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Is that my Brain making that noise???

No...it is just the dryer hummin' and rattling...not my brain afterall! =) It sure feels like it could be my brain though!! My thoughts have run overtime lately! HA.

I'm going through that..."what do I want to be when I grow up" phase again. It comes around about every 5 yrs. hehe

The problem is, I've got so many passions and interests that I would never be able to fit them all into my days and weeks. I mean, why can't I find what it is that I do well...and do it with all my heart?

Then my friend Drea shared with me that I AM doing things well. Being a wife and mother...homeschooling...taking care of my home (not that I have got all these things down to a science) What she said to me really got me to thinking a lot.

So why do I think there should be something more out there that God wants me to doing??? I believe that I should have some kind of goals and passion...SOME other ways to use my gifts and talents for the Lord...creative outlet too, right?

I see these blogger friends...some are eloquent writers, photographers... creatively selling ideas that they have come up with to make a mom's life easier or to preserve precious memories. Living their passion, being creative, blessing others, and making a little money in the process too. It is a very neato thing to see.

I enjoy singing, music, photography, painting, drawing, crocheting, web design interests me/computers, encouraging/counseling (I have 2 yrs toward a counseling degree that is just sitting in Lakeland FL unfinished!)...it is like I do just a little of each of these things to make me dangerous, but not an expert at it. HA! Or, I pick it up for a season, and put it down for a season.

I so love to write too...perhaps praise and worship songs, which touch my heart...God has even woke me with songs that I have written down parts of them when I awake. Nothing completed though. What is it with all the incomplete things in my life? Somebody counsel me on that one! =)

Probably my biggest passions are singing and art. If I could choose anything in the world I could do, and money was no object, I would be part of a praise and worship team for Hillsong in Australia. Now that is dreaming big!! My husband and children would have to be a huge part of this ministry too. We are a music loving family.

Only...I do these things like singing, but can't read much music at all. I play piano mostly by hearing and by chords. I am learning piano at age 40! My voice is only ordinary, but I know God can do so much with so little...you know, "little is much when God is in it".

Ok...and here is another thing! I'd always thought about being a cosmetologist. I know...you're probably thinking (???) I guess I could use some of my counseling and encouraging gifts in that field too. As a matter of fact, I even recently applied and have been accepted to a school nearby.

Then I stop and think...Am I being selfish here???...and wow, if I did go back to school...I'd have to put our children in school for a yr, then maybe longer to do my apprenticeship afterwards. I also remember how God called me to be their mom, and to teach them and train them in the way they should go. So at that point I'm back to full circle again...with being a wife, mom and homemaker...being a friend. Those are very important things too.

Other dreams I remain hopeful about. God put on my heart yrs ago to do a praise and worship CD that would encourage hurting/wounded hearts. Especially for hurting women. The ministry Proverbs 31 is so awesome and is such an encouragement to women. God has just put me in the path of a lot of hurting women who have been beaten down and abused. They need to know how special they are, and that no one can take away the fact that they are fearfully and wonderfully made in Christ's image...and loved by Jesus...mostly, that they ARE significant in Christ!

So...now you know why my head is rolling like a dryer...I'm praying for God to sort all of this out and make my path clear.

Lord, as I get quiet with you, be still my thoughts and may I listen to your still small voice guiding me. (see I do have to take my own advise!)

I'm wondering...Anyone ever have days like these? I'd love to hear from you all.

Psalm 139

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