Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Boy is 13!

So hard to believe that he has gone from this...

To this...


PG-13 stands for PRETTY GREAT 13 yr old! ;)

Happy Birthday JD! We love you!!





From sis...

The card says (outside): Brother... We've traveled down many roads together... (inside) ...and even with the stiff necks and the drool, I'm glad you were always in the same seat next to me. Happy Birthday!

A gift card from his favorite place to eat. ;)


We used to have big extravagant birthday parties, but as our children have gotten older, they'd rather have a "day" of doing what they want! Not sure yet how his day will unfold, but it is going to start out with breakfast together, and may end with a steak dinner. ;)

Thank you God for blessing us with a wonderful son. We pray for you JD, and that you will serve the Lord with your whole heart! <3

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